Building Places for moments that matter!

The roar of the crowd at a football game. A casual stroll through an art gallery. Great conversation at a restaurant. Let Pillar Contracting do all of your behind the scenes development and construction of the projects that create special moments for the people who drive your business.

Pillar Contracting is a professional business dedicated to helping our clients execute the challenges of their construction project. Our solutions are first class.

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CPillar works hand in hand with architects, engineers and trades to provide seamless, efficient communication and outcome throughout the construction process. Your schedule is of utmost importance to us.


OPillar utilizes state-of-the-art software combined with hands-on construction management and professional supervision to complete your project on time.


PPillar keeps prices competitive while maintaining the highest quality product.


EPillar Contracting is dedicated to providing our customers with an excellent building experience, and ongoing relationships.

Mission Statement - To be a "PILLAR" within the construction industry, through the effective and effecient execution of all contracting endeavors.